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Sorors of the Baltimore Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., engage approximately 100 young children at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Elementary Middle School in a reading and summer camp program.


Project Raise

Bi-weekly, Baltimore Alumnae Sorors engage approximately 100 young people at Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr.,  Elementary Middle School in a reading program.   The purpose of the reading program is to inspire children to greatness, encourage a love of books and to reinforce and enhance reading skills.  Working with young children, chapter members hope to increase their reading skills, raise their level of attentiveness, interest and love of books.   

Hazel Parks Summer Camp

Baltimore Alumnae Chapter successfully ran a summer camp from 1987 to 1992, in the community of Southern Park Heights.  Mrs. Hazel Parks, our beloved soror and summer Program Director  was a noted academic leader in Baltimore City Public Schools. As a result of her dedication, extraordinary work and inspiring vision, the summer camp was renamed Hazel Parks Summer camp in 2009.    In 2012, Hazel Parks Summer Camp reemerged to continue her legacy of serving the children in Park Heights.

The three-week summer camp at its highest consisted of 100 children from pre-kindergarten through 5th grade.  The program design includes kindergarten readiness, reading, math and computer awareness. The curriculum for course offerings mirrored that of Baltimore City Public Schools requirements, making re-entry for school in the fall more successful.  The camp staff includes principals and certified teachers from the school system.

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