"A Sisterhood Called to Serve: Transforming Lives, Impacting Communities"

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    Finance Committees


    Delta Fun

    Maisha Meminger Crosby

    DST Murphy Memorial Scholarship Golf Classic

    Adriene Boone, Co-Chair
    Krystle I. Myers, Esq. Co. Chair



    Public Service


    Arts & Letters

    Delta Gems/Delta Academy

    Krystle Myers, Chair
    Shaquetta Chittams & Meredith Hurston, Vice Chairs

    Economic Development

    Melinda Manning Robinson, Chair
    Denise Abrams, Vice Chair

    Educational Development


    Phyllis Dawes, Chair

    International Awareness & Involvement

    Erness Hill

    Physcial & Mental Health

    Cherly Bailey Solomon, Chair
    Angela Waddell, Vice Chair

    Political Awareness & Involvement

    Renee West, Chair
    Betty Clark, Vice Chair




    Membership Services



    Tracie Sharpe

    Rules of Order/Policies & Procedures

    Cheryl Bailey-Solomon

    Publicity/Website/Social Media

    Christina Kelly, Chair
    Shauna Henson, Vice Chair