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Programs_Education~~element37The Baltimore Alumnae Chapter serves the Park Heights Community with activities such as:

S.A.T Preparation – The S.A.T. Prep provides assistance for high school students in preparation for the S.A.T. This activity takes place each year during the Fall. Please look for upcoming information.

Scholarship Fund – The Scholarship Fund currently provides college assistance four (4) students; however, the Scholarship Fund has funded up to 12 students. Please see more information regarding our Scholarship Fundraising Activity, the DST Murphy Memorial Golf Classic.

Delta GEMS – The Delta GEMS is a sorority signature event. This program empowers young women to grow into successful women. The Delta GEMS attend various other chapter events.

The Educational Development Committee hosts many other events please see the current events list for more information.

Sponsorship/Scholarship Committee

The Sponsorship/Scholarship CommitteeĀ is devoted to continuing the vision that our 22 Founders embarked upon by educating and empowering students who desire to obtain a college education. The members of the Committee are devoted to providing scholarships to well-deserving high school students in the Baltimore City Public School System. The Committee is committed to ensuring that eligible students are provided with the financial resources needed to complete their college degree.

Each sponsoree is provided with designated mentors from the Sponsorship/Scholarship Committee. The role of a mentoring soror is to: assist students with matriculating from high school to college, monitor each student’s academic performance, support students with the challenges of obtaining a higher education and provide motivational support and encouragement. The committee also provides annual scholarships to Coppin State University and Morgan State University respectively.