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Project Description

Economic Development

Giving Resources, Opportunities and Workforce training to our neighbors


The Economic Development Committee (EDC) of the Baltimore Alumnae Chapter (BAC) focuses on the economic and financial development of the Park Heights Community and the surrounding area.


In recent years, the  Economic Development Committee (EDC) has expanded its objectives as it continues to follow the National Headquarters mandate to address national economic trends-such as unstable employment, resulting in the widening gap between wealth and poverty via the Financial Fortitude process.  The EDC of the Baltimore Alumnae Chapter (BAC) decided to meet the community’s needs by operating under a tactical mission with a specific branding strategy entitled GROW:

Giving Resources, Opportunities and Workforce training to our neighbors- with the intent of helping communities to thrive.

The EDC also collaborates with various other committees within the BAC, such as Social Action and the National Night Out Committees, to continue providing valuable job readiness opportunities and resources to the community.

Lastly, the EDC maintains its long-standing partnership with the Zeta Epsilon Chapter of Coppin State University to execute their signature event entitled Backpacks to Briefcases (B2B). This event helps current juniors and seniors with resume writing, interviewing skills, how to manage money, and other important economic and financial information that every college student should know, as they transition from a scholastic environment to a professional workplace setting.

Past Events

The following events were designed and executed using the GROW branding strategy:

  • “Navigating USAJOBS to Obtain a Career/Internship in the Federal Government” – a job readiness workshop designed to educate the community on how to effectively apply for positions in the Federal Government
  • “How to Ace a Job Interview”-a job readiness seminar based on a book by the same name. The purpose of the event  is to equip the public with tangible tools in preparation for a successful interview with the objective of obtaining a job offer

Upcoming Events

Empowerment to Employment Convention – Sept. 2017

Backpacks to Briefcases – April 2018

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The goals of the Economic Development Committee are to strengthen the access to better employment opportunities to the Park Heights and Baltimore City population through career counseling and job readiness programs.  In addition, this committee will partner with female students at  Coppin State University to engage in meaningful, substantive dialogue about finances, residence, and professionalism as they prepared for life after college.


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