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Project Description


Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence.


EMBODI is a national signature program of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  The National has developed an EMBODI program curriculum manual which is an organizational guide for simultaneously defining a local community African American male agenda, aligning multiple and inter-related strategies, cultivating resources, and refocusing key community partners to continuously support attainable goals in implementation to positively impact African American males. The suggested strategies to be utilized are multi-directional and resiliency focused.


This program promotes collaborative efforts to improve the quality of life for males, ages 11-17 in middle to high school. The program brings a comprehensive approach aimed at developing overall potential. EMBODI will address three levels of risk factors: individual, family and community.

EMBODI will empower young African American males to understand themselves and their heritage beginning with African and African American culture. It is important to teach them to see themselves as persons of great worth who can take their places with lives of meaning and accomplishment. The programming focuses on group and individual wellness to include themes of education, culture, family and community, personal, social, and emotional factors; resilience and responsibility, leadership and mentorship, preventive health care and mental health wellness, financial stability, safety and protection, conflict resolution and restorative justice; careers, scholarship, and service learning.

Past Events

College Preparedness


Community Service

Partnership with Divine Nine Male Mentors

Upcoming Events

Goal Setting

ATOD Awareness Sexuality

Financial Independence

Sankofa Dance Recital


EMBODI will raise awareness in career exploration, academic success, financial/economic literacy, leadership development, service learning, and cultural diversity of young men in the Park Heights and surrounding area.


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