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Project Description

Political Awareness and Involvement 



The Political Awareness and Involvement Committee is one of the 5 Point Programmatic Thrusts under the Sorority’s mission.  The focus is to address issues that affect public policy, economic viability and social justice. The goal is to promote leadership, advocacy and empowerment among members to bring effective solutions to challenges and to bring awareness to public issues and determine appropriate responses to issues that affect members and the community, at large.


The Political Awareness and Involvement committee of the Baltimore Alumane Chapter aims to alert, advise and engage sorors and the community in meaningful exchanges regarding social justice issues.

Past Events

Through National Headquarters, all chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. support the following programs:

Delta Days in Annapolis


Delta Days at Blatimore City Hall, community forums, and Voter Registration activities.

Upcoming Events

First Wednesday of every month:

Voter Education Classes
Voter Registration Training

March 2018: Delta Days in the Nation’s Capital


March 2018: Deltas Days in Annapolis

April 2018: Delta Days at Baltimore City Hall

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